Is Andy Murray Really So Ignorant?

I just read a funny thing: it seems that two days ago, while Andy Murray had a common autograph session with Simona Halep in Paris, he praised the Romanian athlete to sky and back to the media, saying how impressed he was by her recent performances, how “WOW” she was, how she has developed and went up in rankings so fast, and that he hopes her to become number 1 in tennis in the future… And ended gloriously his nice speech with “I can’t believe she’s from Romania!”


Photo: Andy Murray, Facebook

Huh’old your horses… what? Did Andy Murray really say that?

When you hear such a thing from someone respect so much, you get really disappointed of them. I mean, really Andy?

The news has been published in the biggest sports newspaper in Romania (both the printed and the online versions),, with the title “What does Andy Murray mean?”. Here is the translation of the article:


Photo: Simona Halep, Facebook

“Andy Murray and Simona Halep attended Wednesday an autograph session for their fans in Paris, in the Adidas store on the Champs Elysees. At the end of the event, Murray spoke of superlative of Halep, but also a bit weird.

“Her performances are wow! She has developed in a year very fast, I even watched in my spare time a few games of Simona and I can say that she is a player with an incredible talent, who can grow and reach the very top. I can’t believe Simona is coming from Romania! Good for her, I support her and I hope she will become at one point in time world’s number one.”[…]” Read here the original news.

Fortunately, Simona is a sweetheart and didn’t pay too much attention to Andy.

At this pace, with international athletes having these opinions, UKIP has all the chances to get in the next government of the UK. Good luck, Britain! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…



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