A Short Story

I bought this domain a few years ago, with the intention of creating a personal blog, where I would write about Norway, my experiences, my thoughts about Romania, the things I miss, love or hate. In the meantime, I got requests from friends of other nationalities to write in English or Norwegian. A few months ago, I decided to use all three languages…


…until I realised that that would be too time consuming. Plus: I am a positive person and criticiser of non-constructive critiques. Somehow I noticed that the thoughts expressed in my mother language turn to be critiques against Romania and its leadership, lack of organisation, structure and so on. This can be boring for some, and does not entirely reflect the reality. I actually think that Romania has gone a long way since the Revolution in 1989. But as on any other place on Earth, there´s room for improvement.

The first step towards achieving positivity in my posts will be… to write in English.

So what will this website be about?

So here we are. 13th of January 2014. Soon 27 years old and inspired with hope. A new year has started and, contrary to other years in the past, this time I made some NY resolutions. I wrote them down on the 31st of December:

1. Get a safe job that I like.
2. Visit the US and China.
3. Meet friends.
4. Speak more Norwegian.
5. Take more pics of Halvard & me.
6. Read classics. Improve your English vocabulary.
7. Write your thoughts. On adevarul.ro, in Romanian, but try also blogs in English and Norwegian. Have your own website finished.
8. Specialize. Focus. Find that little thing of your own that you want to build and finish in this lifetime. A business, a non profit, whatever idea. But your own.
9. Travel. Find new places, discover new cultures. Find out where this world is heading to.
10. Meet interesting, new persons. Go to more networking events. Sign up for networking clubs and MUST READ their newsletters.
11. Develop LSRS Alumni. Keep contact with everyone.
12. Stop being nice to people who don’t deserve it.
13. ´Lose weight. Save money. Go to the gym.´ – cliche

And I already got some results. I took a lot of pictures on the 1st of January, in London. I received a Kindle for Christmas, and I already read Pride and Prejudice. Then I got an offer as a consultant! It sounds promissing and the team looks awesome! Three resolutions, after just one week in 2014. A good start!

The moment I realised I was already fulfilling my resolutions, I said to myself – “I must continue like this. Let THAT be Resolution 14!”. So with my eyes on my resolutions, reading them out loud, thinking of no. 8 and no. 7… It came up to me: “Oh well, I think we might just have an idea… :)”

To Be Continued




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